Hello and welcome to Total Pathways for Healing, empowering the body to heal. We offer a range of Functional Physiology treatments.

The brain governs all the functions of our body systems. Using a variety of non invasive complementary treatments we can empower our bodies to heal themselves.  Your body will become more balanced and stronger in fighting ailments that cause on-going discomfort.

If you suffer from structural or muscular conditions, PMS, Hormone imbalances, depression, eczema…

Effective relief from symptoms , release from stress and anxiety, improved performance of body systems, stronger immune system, healthy well balanced body.

To book a consultation please call me on T: 07572 601234  E: info@totalpathwaystohealing.co.uk

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“Rani has helped me immensely by relieving both short-term and long-term physical and mental conditions , with great success”