If you suffer from persistent health problems and find it difficult to shrug off everyday illnesses, our complimentary therapy treatments can help improve general well being and the overall state of your health.
Our holistic treatments help restore strength and balance, both physically and mentally by directly treating the cause of the problems affecting your mind, body and spirit.

Treatments can also be used for maintenance, by ‘Empowering your body to heal’, keeping your body functioning well and preventing new issues arising.

Conditions treated include; Structural  and muscular conditions, depression, PMS, hormone imbalance, eczema, stress, colds, infections, viral/bacterial infections and flu, fatigue or food allergies, ME, spiritual attacks, torn aura’s, drug issues, diabetes, heart conditions, kidney failure, hiatus hernia, IBS, dysfunctional bowel, cancer, past life interference in present life, anxiety, joint issues, menopause issues, recurring seasonal health issues and many others conditions.

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Empowering the body to heal