I am very open-minded person but due to most recent experience I lack trust.  However, meeting Rani restored my faith in people, especially people with what I feel are extraordinary powers.

I believe the best gift you can give yourself, is to be one with yourself.  Rani introduced me to ways I communicate with my inner self and to be one with myself.  I can not express words what I have achieved in a few sessions but all I can say I am living in the present, to be more content from within and to be whoever I am meant to be.

Thank you with all my heart NB,

St Albans, September 2013


I would like to recommend Rani McNally of Total Pathways to Healing.

As a complementary health practitioner myself I have encountered a wide range of disciplines and practitioners. However, I believe what Rani offers is unique in this field.

She brings together a number of different disciplines, which complement each other to produce a holistic system of diagnosis and treatment for both physical and mental conditions.

It is not common to find practitioners of Total Body Modification, Access Consciousness, and the Neurological Integration System, but to bring them all together with Reiki distinguishes Rani within this field.

We are used to visiting practitioners when we are ill, but prevention is always better than cure and Rani offers a whole body tune up which can benefit anyone regardless of their level of general health and wellbeing.

If you have not experienced the benefits of complementary therapies I would recommend Rani McNally as a practitioner whom you can visit with confidence.

 Dennis Richards

Director, Stress Free Living

Cheshire, July 2013


Thanks for the tool below – I have to say I am feeling so well and when I went to see the Chiropractor on Thursday she said there was nothing for her to do – so again Thank You!

Referrals – It is so easy to refer you!

Have a great weekend.

 DR, Chester, May 2013

I have recently been working with Rani on her new business website and social media profiles and was really interested and intrigued about the treatments she offers, I therefore decided to have a treatment for myself so that I could experience it first hand. 

I have sometimes been a little skeptical of alternative therapies however I was really surprised how powerful the treatment was.  Rani has a lovely reassuring manner and she used NIS (Neurolink) and Reiki during the treatment and I found the overall experience very relaxing and spiritual. 

I have suffered for the last two years with chronic oral ulceration (Erosive Lichen Planus) and take regular medication under specialist care to try and keep it under control.  At the time I had the treatment with Rani I was suffering with this ulceration which would ordinarily take 10-14 days to heal, the ulcers actually healed 2 days after the treatment and almost 2 weeks later I have still had only slight re-occurrences which have healed within only one a day despite me taking no medication.  I was not expecting Rani to have this amazing impact on my life and my well being and I am already looking forward to my next treatment later this week! 

NG, Cheshire, April 2013

Thank you for Friday, I am not sure what’s happening yet.  I did manage to run again on Saturday without lead in my legs and I believe the journey is well on the way.

 AS, Sandbach, March 2013

Rani gives a powerful bars session.  She has a strong, reassuring presence and is intuitively guided to focus exactly where it is needed.  I felt totally safe while she worked on me, thoroughly enjoyed it and found her feedback and advice really helpful.  Thank you Rani. 

Sophie, Oxford.

‘I have had Rani’s treatments for many years and I am a true believer in her commitment, knowledge and skills.  She has helped me immensely by relieving both short-term and long-term physical and mental conditions that I have endured with great success.’

JM, Cheshire, 2011

My opinion of the process called Total Body Modification used by Rani McNally.

Following a previous scare with a practitioner I only go to therapists who are recommended.  Rani was highly recommended by a friend at college.  After I met Rani for the first time I remained cautious after she described the process to me. 

After the first treatment I was very fascinated.  I found it particularly intriguing how Rani used the client’s arm to communicate through muscle test, what the client’s body says.  Over the weeks I learned to trust Rani and indeed the treatments.  It can be scary as to how accurate the treatment is.  It has made me feel a lot better and has released issues from me both mentally and physically.

Rani has a firm direct professional style of working which appeals to me.  The treatment is affordable and indeed your body determines the date of the next treatment!  Rani also has a good understanding of the treatment she is giving.  She is also very exceptional at Reiki.

Paul, St Albans, August 2003

The treatment Rani provides is a unique blend of treatments – very effective and personalises to treat the core issues. I have received treatment many times over the years and it has helped me so much that I have recommended my father and friends to Rani. Rani is very knowledgeable and treats the whole mind, body and spirit. I would recommend Rani whole heartily for a alternative holistic approach.

SD St Albans. 2002

I had treatments from Rani for approx 3 years.  These included Reiki, EFT and energy treatments.  She is probably the best therapist I have ever encountered.  She has incredible insight into people and is scrupulous about confidentiality.  Rani is the only person I have ever met who is close to pure light.

PM, St Albans, 2001