Rani_Mcnally_aboutThe Power that made the Body can heal the Body

In 1990 I suffered a traumatic, debilitating back injury that left me with severe muscular, skeletal and hormone imbalance problems.

Orthodox surgery, prescribed drugs and physiotherapy helped me to partially heal.  What this did not achieve, was the  eradication of my symptoms completely and restore the sense of well being I had prior to my injury.  As a result I suffered from lingering bad health for a decade, to the point that I literally had had enough of being ill.

I discovered powerful therapies which relieved and reduced the physical and mental symptoms and restored the balance I missed which allowed me to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life again.

That is why I tried these complementary health therapies and after much experimentation and personal discovery, I found five specific therapies which, when used individually or together, were powerful tools that relieved and reduced the physical and mental symptoms and restored balance.

This inspired me to gain further knowledge and understanding of these therapies through study and training.  I now combine these to help others, as each treatment strengthens and promotes the healing power that is already contained within us.  These holistic treatments rebalance the universal energies of Mind, Body and Spirit to enable them to work and function as one.

When we suffer from severe or everyday ailments or stress in our lives, we struggle to manage to carry out the most normal activities and I feel for people who are burdened with pain and suffering and I have finally found ways of relieving both the physical and spiritual suffering that blocks and inhibits healthy living.

Our bodies can be empowered to heal themselves and by using these powerful treatments I have successfully assisted  people to regain and live healthier, rewarding lives.

They have worked for me and many others and I am now in a position to help you resolve your problems.

Rani McNally

Rani treats the whole mind, body and spirit.  I would recommend her whole heartedly as she has a  complementary holistic approach.